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Author and freelance writer based in Hout Bay near Cape Town in South Africa.

A father, brother and a Datsun bakkie

WHEN I was seven, my father put me in the boot of his beige Datsun 1 600 sedan with a three-day-old Jersey bull calf. My job was to keep the animal calm and hold the trunk slightly open so we … Continue reading

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SA invention puts entrepreneurs in charge

FROM where I’m standing, entrepreneurship is alive and well. My 18-year-old son is currently cavorting in Cambodia thanks to the money he earned, while at high school, breeding and selling mice to people who keep snakes as pets. Ja. It’s … Continue reading

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No mess, no fuss, no needle

MY mother was a nurse, by which I mean she doesn’t suffer wimps gladly. And by wimps I mean anyone who complains of discomfort and pain. She made an exception for my father when he lopped the top of his … Continue reading

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Nosing out new skills and opportunities

I HAVE been thinking about smells and the role they play in my life a great deal recently for two reasons. A month ago, my optometrist tut-tutted at length about the ongoing deterioration of my eyes. They’ve been pain in … Continue reading

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Barefaced facts about fonts

IF, in this digital era, we judge one another according to the technological choices we make – i.e. the smartphones, laptops and tablets we own – it follows that we’re going to measure each other’s personality, aptitude and worth against … Continue reading

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The fine art of flattery

DO you know anyone who is immune to flattery? Me neither. I am certainly not. Bring it on, I say. Lay it on thick and fast, and I will lap it up. After all, it’s as the granddaddy of self-improvement, … Continue reading

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Wake up and see the coffee with orthokeratology

IT started with an SMS from my son, who’d travelled a vast distance past sea and city to find a centre that would accept a booking for his motorcycle-driving test before the turn of the decade. “Failed the eye test,” … Continue reading

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Are you addicted to exercise?

MY friend Alice’s older brother is a general practitioner. He’s also an ultra-distance runner, which requires hours and hours of training. He’s up while it is still pitch dark each morning to pound the pavements and he trains again for … Continue reading

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Take my word for it

Aristotle said: “Trust allows groups to flourish, to achieve excellence”. And yet, as I found out in conversation with Roger Stewart, trust is in short supply in business today. ROGER Stewart reminds me of my grandfather. We’re discussing trust in … Continue reading

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When horse becomes whisperer

THE window in Stacey Doorly-Jones’s office above the stables on De Grendel farm on the slopes of the Tygerberg Hills outside Cape Town looks directly onto an arena in the yard. A small group of boys in their early teens … Continue reading

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