I have written about writing and my books, and spoken to others about the process and the results thereof. Here is a a selection of recent interviews and articles. Click on the links to read or listen to the full interviews.

Author interview on Laura’s Books and Blogs: Laura Smith’s interview with me is comprehensive. It not only includes a summary of The Wilderness Between Us and an excerpt—this one of the river crossing—but, among many thought-provoking questions, she also asked me to describe how I handle criticism. If you want to read what I said, click here.

Book Club on Lunch with Pippa Hudson on CapeTalk: I spoke to Pippa Hudson of Cape Town radio station, CapeTalk about The Wilderness Between Us. You can listen to the podcast here.

Hasty Book List author interview: Ashley Hasty is a Chicago-based book blogger and interviewer of authors. She posed some fascinating questions, including the one about which book character I’d like to be stuck in an elevator with. Read the interview.

Interview with Lisa Haselton: North American editor and writer, Lisa Haselton spoke to me about the launch of The Wilderness Between Us for her award-winning writing and book blog. She included an excerpt from the book; the one about Faye’s encounter with a troop of baboons. Enjoy the read.

Meet the Author Monday with Kelly Schuknecht: Based in Colorado, US, Kelly Schuknecht is a marketing maestro and book blogger. She interviewed me for her Meet the Author Monday feature. Read the interview here.

Q&A with Deborah Kalb: “How important is setting to you in your writing?” asked Deborah in our interview. Click here to find out how I responded to that and other questions on her blog.

Women Writers, Women’s Books article: Editor of Women Writers, Women’s Books, Barbara Bos asked me to write about writing The Wilderness Between Us. The article is entitled, How Do You Create A Book and you can read it here. I wrote another article for Barbara some years ago, looking at When To Take Advice And When To Trust Your Intuition as a writer. It is online here.

Word Domination on The Jet Set Breakfast show: South African radio presenter, Michelle Constant interviewed me about The Wilderness Between Us on the World Domination segment of her Jet Set Breakfast show on SAFM. Listen to the podcast here.